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I’m crying because this is too perfect

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We made a bet.

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That’s how you get your kicks, isn’t it? You risk your life to prove you’re clever.

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"doctor who is a really serious show"

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On the Set of Testament of Youth, April 9th 2014 (Photos by Yavannauk)

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  • (I am working late at night in a 24-hour pharmacy. There are only three customers in the store: a scruffy but clean young couple and another gentleman. The woman in the young couple is very heavily pregnant, and her partner is picking up the range of baby hats we carry and holding them up against her stomach, then looking at the prices and sadly putting them back. They pick up a packet of the cheapest pain medication we carry and bring it to the counter.)
  • Female Customer: “I’m sorry, but can you please ask the pharmacist if these are safe for me to take?”
  • Me: “Of course!”
  • (While we’re waiting for the pharmacist to come out, they tell me they’re expecting their daughter any day now. The pharmacist has been watching the young couple since they came in.)
  • Pharmacist: “These are fine, but can I ask why you need them?”
  • Female Customer: “Oh, I have a horrible cough that’s making my back ache even worse. I can’t get to sleep.”
  • (The pharmacist goes through a list of cough medicines safe for her to take, before the young man shakes his head with tears in his eyes.)
  • Male Customer: “I’m sorry, I’ve just lost my job and we really can’t afford any of those. Sorry for wasting your time.”
  • Pharmacist: “That’s okay, but this packet is damaged, and legally I can’t let you take it. Seeing as it was the last one, let me and [my name] go look in the back for some more.”
  • (The pharmacist takes me out the back, where he puts three packets of name brand painkillers, four bottles of name brand cough syrup, a wheat bag for her back, a tin of formula, a packet of newborn nappies and a few of the hats the couple was looking at into a box. He hands me the box and tells me to take it out to them. I do and they both burst into tears, thanking us over and over again. They leave with huge smiles on their faces.)
  • Female Customer: “Thank you again!”
  • Other Customer: “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but over hear. Did you say you just lost your job at [local company]?”
  • Male Customer: “Yes, I was an IT tech.”
  • Other Customer: “I own [other computer store in the area], and I’m looking for a new tech. Can you start tomorrow?”
  • (There were tears all round that night. A week later, the young woman brought in her beautiful daughter and a giant batch of cupcakes for the pharmacy staff. Best night at work ever!)
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Basically me after watching The Day of the Doctor and everyday since then.  I still haven’t been able to watch it again. Just skimming through it to make gifs is painful enough. Nonsensical rubbish. 

Ood TV GIF Series

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buffy-the-superwholocked-fangirl asked: Bucky, Steve; "I can't just go back to the way it was."


(Awwww, darling, bless you for this prompt! :3 I had to make it four paragraphs, because inspiration stole me for a bit! <33 You’re a sweetheart!! <333)

As the illuminated screen of Sam’s tracking pad displayed the designated coordinates of their own location and what they suspected to be Bucky’s, Steve’s golden brows crinkled in confusion, a series of additional blips and reverberations fusing into their current district of search. He shook the device slightly as he moved through the lush trees, unable to predict the reasons for its sudden interference, before his wide shoulders were shoved into a nearby truck, the bark leaving irritations against his spine as a metal forearm was pressed into his throat.

"Bucky…" he breathed in comprehension of the familiarly pale gaze making acquaintance with his own, the untrimmed beard that clung to his strong jaw and the wild locks of chestnut hair that fell into his face destroying the faraway memories of the clean-cut soldier he named his friend. He anticipated a strong strike into his cheek or a pierce of a blade to his throat, but instead, he was met with a softened blink of Bucky’s eyes.

"I was James Buchanan Barnes…" he began lowly, as if reciting the prose of a memorized historical biography, "…a prime member of an elite special unit of soldiers formed in World War II known as the Howling Commandos. I was assumed dead, but was found by HYDRA, and returned as… the Winter Soldier.” His lips were pressed into a tight line of agony and confusion at the currents of memories that coursed through his mind, the blockage of the serum to steal his past creating a wall between what was true and untrue. ”I can’t just go back to the way it was.”

Steve’s chest heaved from the adrenaline rush that had stolen his breath when slammed into the tree, his eyes littered with tears around their lashes as he registered the gravity of his friend’s words, and he confessed, “Neither of us can, Buck… neither of us can.”

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sad posts about bucky barnes more like


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ahahhaha so perfect


Yes to all!